Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols are a highly cost effective solution to any site with the benefit of highly experienced security officers providing a multitude of services. Our vehicle branded fleet and officers not only act as a visual deterrent towards crime night and day, 24/7, but they detect crime, vandalism, fire and floods. Further to this, in the event of a serious incident, they liaise rapidly with the appropriate emergency service to rectify the problem, followed by a comprehensive report to the client.

How we provide this service

The patrols provide a local response, by local officers, with excellent local knowledge, monitoring your premises at agreed intervals. We collaboratively design site instructions with you and provide “Branded Warning Boards”. All our officers use the latest technology for real-time monitoring of their patrols of your premises; head-cams and tracking systems – enabling safety of staff and continuity of evidence. This can then by viewed by us and the customer directly from any electronic device.

Our Mobile Patrols provides the following services:

  • A drive-by, acting a visual deterrent for any potential crimes.
  • A scheduled site visit check - to either: unlock, lock and patrol premises, or walk and check.
  • Additional services e.g. monitoring; plant rooms, boilers, temperature controls, freezers, incubators and specific science equipment.

For more information about our mobile patrol solutions or any aspect of our services, please give us a call on 0800 731 0363 or e-mail us.

Why Choose Anglia Security Services Ltd for Mobile Patrol Services?

  • We provide a brand that is highly cost effective and tailored to your industries’ requirements.
  • Our team are local officers, with local knowledge and extensively trained (in accordance to BS 7984) to respond to and act effectively, efficiently and safely to any incident.
  • Managers available 24/7 to support and help solve any issues discovered by the Mobile Patrol officer.
    Adaptable service:
    • Drive-by patrols as a visual deterrent
    • Full walk and check
    • Lock and Unlock premises
  • Additional Specialist Checks: plant rooms
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