Case Studies

Multi-level Security System for a High-Risk Technology Company

The Issues

We were asked to provide a multi-level security system for a high-risk technology company. The system would consist of a building security alarm, a CCTV system and an access control system (pin, card access and biometrics). The challenge with the alarm was to be able to notify staff that the alarm was being set, hence the system needed both an audible and visual warning. The other challenge that we faced with the alarm system, was that people were able to access the floor through different entry points. This would increase false alarms from the building.

The Solution

The building alarm was a grade 3 installation with shock and vibration sensors on every window on the ground floor of the building. Every door and opening window were fitted with contacts. The floor plan was covered in overlapping sensors. To achieve an audible and visual warning; we placed repeater speakers in each corner of the building, this ensured that the alarm was heard on the entire floor and we also installed strobe lighting, that was visible from all areas. To prevent the problem of false alarms from people accessing different entry points, we placed lights at the other entry points to indicate the floor was alarmed. We also linked the alarm to the access control; this enabled us to hold the doors locked even if a valid access card was presented. The floor was then only accessible through one door meaning the system could then be disarmed before entry.
The access control system was a tiered system. All general access was granted with a card or biometric data. The more sensitive areas of the building had card, biometric data and a pin to grant access.

The CCTV again was linked into the access system - every door had two camera inside and out. So if there were any queries regarding access this could be checked. The cameras also covered areas of the building of interest to the customer. We installed them on their own network so as not to impact any of their network infrastructure.

The Outcome/Benefit

Since the installation 4 years ago, there have been no successful breaches of security to their security systems.

Message from the Managing Director

In my experience, the quality of service that is provided within the security industry varies wildly between each company. It can be difficult for many companies to find a service which fits their needs. With this in mind, I have strived to build a company which offers the very best service to clients. We incorporate the current ethos of the security industry, together with cutting edge technology, first class employees and a clear focus on providing the best service to protect people, premises and the property of our customers. Our impressive portfolio of clients, past and present, are happy to endorse the quality of our work.

Lloyd Thompson, Managing Director

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