Case Studies

Remote Construction Site in a Rural Location

The Issues

The client’s facility was located in a remote rural location, which was high risk to potential criminal activity; this was due to the presence of a large volume of fuel and other valuable items of property kept within the site compound. The client approached Anglia Security Services requesting a manned guarding service to ensure that the site was kept secure out of normal working hours.

The Solution

Anglia Security Services assessed the site and recommended a state-of-the-art electronic security solution (remote alarm and camera system). The site was secured using a series of low power web based IP cameras, coupled with comprehensive PIR detectors that instantaneously alerted a monitoring station. The real-time monitoring station, in turn, was able to alert our officers who were able to provide a response within five minutes of activation. The system is allows for a complete audit trail if required.

The Outcome/Benefit

Within two weeks of the site being operational, intruders attempted to break into the compound. The electronic security system altered our officers who were on site in under five minutes. The intruders fled without incurring any loss to the client either through property damage or theft.

Within days of this initial incident, another attempt was made by intruders to enter the compound, again our staff responded in less than five minutes, and it led to the intruders being apprehended by the Police, again without any loss being incurred by the client.

The facility has now been secured using this method for over a year, and has provided both a successful and highly cost effective security solution when compared to the manned guarding service that the client originally requested.

Message from the Managing Director

In my experience, the quality of service that is provided within the security industry varies wildly between each company. It can be difficult for many companies to find a service which fits their needs. With this in mind, I have strived to build a company which offers the very best service to clients. We incorporate the current ethos of the security industry, together with cutting edge technology, first class employees and a clear focus on providing the best service to protect people, premises and the property of our customers. Our impressive portfolio of clients, past and present, are happy to endorse the quality of our work.

Lloyd Thompson, Managing Director

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