Case Studies

Science Based Facility

The Issues

The client required a manned security service for a science based facility that employees over 100 staff. The previous service provider had become complacent, and was providing poorly trained, unprofessional security staff that were unable to provide a basic level of service. The situation was not remedied, and it finally led to a breakdown of communication between the client and the security service provider.

The Solution

Anglia Security Services was contracted to provide a comprehensive security service to the site. Highly trained staff were installed, together with close employee and service monitoring to ensure the site was secure at all times to an extremely high standard.

The Outcome/Benefit

Due to the high level of customer satisfaction, Anglia Security has now been contracted with this client for over six years and has diversified into providing reception and electronic security services in additional to the year round security service. A good relationship has been formed between Anglia Security and the client, and we have always been able to help and assist the client in any way possible to always go beyond what is required of us.

Message from the Managing Director

In my experience, the quality of service that is provided within the security industry varies wildly between each company. It can be difficult for many companies to find a service which fits their needs. With this in mind, I have strived to build a company which offers the very best service to clients. We incorporate the current ethos of the security industry, together with cutting edge technology, first class employees and a clear focus on providing the best service to protect people, premises and the property of our customers. Our impressive portfolio of clients, past and present, are happy to endorse the quality of our work.

Lloyd Thompson, Managing Director

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